Ancillary Fermentation
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A pop-up fermentation experience, and a partnership between a bunch of Raleigh-Durham beer folks, centered on the idea that beer should be more experimental, more experiential, and a hell of a lot weirder. Each month, we host a pop-up taproom and launch a single beer in a different location throughout The Triangle, each centered around a theme, exploring everything from fancy felines to used goods to time itself.

This quote is v inspirational

Pop-Up #4
January 13, 2019 | 6:00PM
Crossfit Invoke
1701 S Saunders St, Raleigh NC, 27603

It’s 2019 and whether you’ve resolved to practice better habits, or you just want to celebrate the new year, join us at Raleigh’s CrossFit Invoke for our next pop-up: Inspirational Quote.


+ This Month’s Ancillary Fermentation release, Inspirational Quote, an India Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic.

+ 1:1 life coaching consultations with life coach and motivational speaker, Kate Potter.

+ Pop-Up coffee bar by the folks from Yonder Coffee

+ Dance tunes to dance to by DJ SPCLGST.

Non-Profit Partner = NPCA

America's National Park System is truly a national treasure. The NPCA helps to protect and enhance these gems of the natural world for present and future generations. Due to the most recent government shutdown, our parks are being neglected, with staff shortages leading to unsafe conditions for people, wildlife, plants, and park resources.

Haze, get it?!
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Exercise isn't for everyone

“Be your own inspiration”




This photo from 1898, titled “Snowslide at Frisco” was pulled from the Army Corps of Engineers’ archive by Idaho resident, Gary Fulton in 2018. 


It depicts a small mining town banding together to clear snow from the tracks that run through their community.

It's about teamwork. It’s about a group achieving something greater than the sum of their parts. It’s about being, in our opinion, pretty damn inspirational


So if you’re feeling discouraged, remember our friends from turn-of-the-century Frisco and thank your lucky stars for slow plows.  

Who Even Reads Alt Text Anymore?
Inspirational Quote