Ancillary Fermentation
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A pop-up fermentation experience, and a partnership between a bunch of Raleigh-Durham beer folks, centered on the idea that beer should be more experimental, more experiential, and a hell of a lot weirder. Each month, we host a pop-up taproom and launch a single beer in a different location throughout The Triangle, each centered around a theme, exploring everything from fancy felines to used goods to time itself.

This month’s theme is “Communication” and features two beers, Communication Juicy IPA and Auto-Correct American Stainless Sour. Four packs are available at select bottle shops throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. Go get some while they’re still around…




Juicy India Pale Ale w/ Mandarina Bavaria, Ekuanot & Citra

While the tools have changed from our parent’s generation to ours, communication itself remains unchanged. At it’s heart, it’s about a connection between people. And whether that connection happens over a switchboard, through pen and paper, or flip phones, or internet-enabled pocket computers, we’re believers in the power of that connection. So open this beer, and go out and connect with your people. Or find some new people.  






American Stainless Sour w/ Sweet Cherry, Sour Cherry, Raspberry

What follows is a poem written entirely with auto-correct. We call it “Communication Breakdown”

There are many issues that you can have access to,
and if you can have access to it,
all you have to do to is get it fixed